A wing aiming to take advantage of the new increased Microlight weight limit needs to be exceptional - and the StingRay XS12 is!

The only wing anywhere in the world certified to carry 500 kg, the new StingRay topless comes from Aeros, a world-renowned leader in hang glider wings and winner of many World and European medals.

It is also famous for its single seater trike wings, used by Flylight in the UK for their Dragonfly, PeaBee and FoxCub flexwings, and an advanced range of two-seater trike wings known for their light handling and fingertip sensitivity even in topless format. At the top of that range is the StingRay, a 12.85 sq. m topless wing that brings effortless handling that inspires confidence even in rough air or when the thermals start.

It was these handling qualities and production quality that led to its selection to partner the DeltaJet.

The resulting combination is a delight to fly - an 86% double-surface wing offering very stable and comfortable handling in turbulence, light in roll and pitch, and with a supremely powerful trim system that delivers hands-off flying right down to less than 50 mph - a great asset for short-field landings.

But, the light handling does not sacrifice takeoff performance or cruising speed.

Even with a 500 kg maximum takeoff weight, roll on grass is less than 90m before transitioning into a vigorous 1,050 fpm climb rate (1,350 fpm solo). The power of the electronic trim system is also felt at the top end of the speed range, with an 85 mph hands-off cruise making fast touring a delight while 100 mph+ in straight and level flight is there for the asking.


The lack of the kingpost on the StingRay means that you can store the wing in a hangar while it remains fixed to the trike.

As you can see from the image, the wing fold is extremely compact from side-to-side. What's more. the two leading edges do not need to be supported on the propellor blades, which has caused damage to the wing fabric on previous topless flexwings.

And, when it comes to flying, set-up is very fast. Tensioning the wing is by hand pressure alone with no need for special tensioning tools - great for touring when luggage space is always at a premium.


20200427_133925Xlam covering

Aeros also manufacture many of the parts for the Skyranger range of aircraft and supply the Xlam coverings, renowned for their long life and hard-wearing qualities.

The entire top surface of the StingRay is also made from Xlam, which will be a great relief for many flexwing pilots when permit time comes around. With Xlam, the dreaded Betts Test failure is just a distant memory.

86% double surface

With the topless StingRay braced from below by struts, the wing also features floating cross-tube construction and boasts 86% double-surface Xlam covering.

The wing also benefits from 22 battens on top surface and 8 battens on the undersurface.

Light carbon fibre wingtips are also standard on the StingRay and the wing also features adjustable undersurface vents.

Powerful Trim system

Fly the DeltaJet 500 StingRay and you'll be amazed at the power of the electronically-controlled trim system. Whether flown solo or at max 500 kg weight, the hands-off trim speed range ranges from on-the-front-strut and sub-50 mph to 90 mph plus.

It's down to the system moving the hangpoint itself over a massive 80mm and is seen to good effect in the BMAA check flight video (from about 11:34 to 12:40).