Trial Flights

Experience the incredible buzz and excitement of flying a real aeroplane on a Microlight Trial Flight.

Far from being basic flying machines, modern day microlight aircraft are highly sophisticated, constructed using super light, yet strong materials. All our aircraft comply with the airworthiness requirements of the CAA and we offer a choice of fixed-wing or flex-wing microlight flights. A microlight flight gift voucher makes a perfect gift for the more adventurous, who aspire to a challenging yet exciting and fun flying experience.

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Flex-Wing Microlight Flights

Experience the freedom of the open skies with a Flex-Wing microlight flight. In our GT450, you'll capture perfectly the spirit of early aviation - open to the elements, great panoramic views and fantastically exciting handling and performance.

Fixed-Wing Microlight Flights

The term ‘Microlight’ now encapsulates much more than the traditional flex-wing aircraft. The latest fixed-wing designs look and handle just like conventional light aircraft and a flight in one of our Eurostars or Nynjas is an ideal introduction to flying.

What can I expect on the day?

All microlight experiences start with a pre-flight briefing where you will be shown the ultra light aircraft, its main characteristics and have the basic principles of flight explained - all really interesting stuff even before you've taken to the air! Once securely strapped in, the instructor will handle the take off and climb. Having settled down in level flight your pilot will demonstrate a few gentle turns - and you will then be given the opportunity to try for yourself. You might not believe us now, but you'll find it's really quite easy - yet still totally thrilling - to actually fly the aircraft yourself.


What's included in the Experience?

Your microlight experience will last for 20, 30, 45, or 60 minutes chock-to-chock, depending on the voucher chosen. For all experiences, you will also have a safety briefing.

When is this available?

Microlight Trial Flights are available throughout the year. You may believe that you can only fly inthe flex-wing during warm weather - this is far from the truth! We use highly insulated flying suits and gloves and the winter offers some of the best flying conditions - still, crisp and clear air - great for taking photographs to remember the experience by!


Who is this suitable for?

The minimum age for microlighting training is 14, but trial flights are available from the age of 10. Please note there is a maximum weight of 110Kg.

Can anyone come along to watch?

Spectators are most welcome to come along to the airfield to watch the take off and landing. While the flight is taking place, tea, coffee, and soft drinks are available.

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