Specifications & Performance Data

DeltaJet 500 StingRay


Stall Speed at MAUW 39 mph
Trim Speed: 49 - 90+ mph
Max Straight & level: 112 mph
Never Exceed Speed: 117 mph
Cruise Speed: 80 mph
Rate of Climb at MAUW: 1050 ft/min
Minimum Sink Rate at MAUW: 500 ft/min @ 48 mph
Best Glide Ratio (power off): 8.02/1 @ 60mph
Take-off distance to clear 15 m obstacle: 242 m on wet grass*
Landing distance to clear 15 m obstacle: 219 m on wet grass*


Wing Area 12.85 sq. m
Wingspan 9.52 m
Nose angle 128˚
Aspect Ratio: 7.05/1


Empty Weight 252 kg
Max Take-off weight 499 kg
Maximum Payload 247 kg
Minimum Pilot Weight: 55 kg
Individual Seat Load 120 kg
Overall Length 3.30 m
Overall Height 2.75 m
Wheel track 1.66 m
Wheelbase 1.75 m
Wheels 42 cm dia. overall.


BMW R1200 or Rotax 912ULS
Fuel Consumption 13 lph
Fuel Capacity 53 l
Kiev propeller - 283/1800 or 183/1800


Tandem two-seat flexwing aircraft with weight-shift control. Rogallo wing with keel pocket and winglets. Pilot suspended below wing in trike unit, using bar to control pitch and roll/yaw by altering relative positions of trike unit and wing. Wing braced from below by struts; floating cross-tube construction with 86% double-surface Xlam covering; 22 battens on the top surface, 8 battens on the undersurface. Electrically operated moveable hang-point trim system. Undercarriage has three wheels in tricycle formation; coil-spring suspension on nosewheel and aerodynamically enclosed one-piece beam suspension on mainwheels. Push-right go-left nosewheel steering independent from aerodynamic controls. Adjustable foot pedal positions. All-terrain wheels and tyres. Hydraulic disc brakes on nose wheel (optional mainwheels only, or all three wheels). Aluminium-alloy tube trike unit with GRP body (carbon fibre optional). Engine mounted below the wing, driving pusher propeller.


Exodus Aircraft, Plaistows Airfield, Chiswell Green, Hertfordshire AL2 3NT; tel 07949 071149 / 07786 034439; www.exodusairsports.co.uk. Directors: Rob Grimwood, John Waite.


*Test Conditions - airfield altitude 500ft., ground temperature 8˚C., ground pressure n/a., ground windspeed NIL, test payload 472.5 kg