Advanced Flying Skills Training

Exodus's founder, Rob Grimwood, is a multiple World, European & UK Champion in both dual seat flexwing and fixedwing aircraft. He is also the only pilot to have held World, European and National Championship titles at the same time in any class. In addition, Richard and Edward are also experienced competition pilots. If you wish to improve your skill levels for whatever reason, where better to turn? Simply contact Rob now on 01727 865 328 or fill in brief details on the contact form and we'll be in touch.

Refresher courses

There can be many reasons why you find yourself coming back to flying after a lengthy period and, while the theory will not have changed, your flying skills may have become a little rusty. Exodus will get you back to a high level of proficiency, in as short a time as possible.

Conversion between fixed and flex wing

Whether you initially got your licence on a flex wing or a 3-axis fixed wing, circumstances and motivations can change. Expert tuition is the key to making the change as quickly and safely as possible. And, you don't need to wait until you've bought your new plane as we’ll happily provide training on the school's aeroplanes - the P&M GT450 and the Skyranger Nynja and Evektor Eurostar - each a leader in their classes.

New aircraft familiarisation

All planes have their own distinct foibles and it is unhealthy to learn about them when you climb into the cockpit for the first time!

As well as advising on the purchase of used aircraft, we can also collect them for you and provide conversion training.

Competition flying / Advanced navigation and map reading

Learn from the Champions - safe STOL techniques, including take offs and landing over a tape, precision landing to the deck, and engine-off spot landings. You will also get a real sense of achievement in successfully navigating complex competition tracks. Take this skill into your everyday flights and enjoy another dimension from the air.

Instructor courses

If you'd like to take your flying further and pass your passion on to others, why not consider becoming a Microlight Instructor.