500kg maximum take-off weight

20200713_190927The DeltaJet 500 StingRay has been designed from the start to take advantage of the new Microlight 600kg weight limit.

It partners the strongest trike chassis to be found anywhere in the world with the only wing certified to carry in excess of 472.5kg.

The result is a flexwing pilot's dream machine - tough, roomy, comfortable, fast, light handling, and with a powerful trim system that delivers hands-off flying anywhere from just above the stall to more than 85mph.

Building on more than 30 years experience

The starting point for the new design comes from our extensive competition experience, where a robust chassis, sweet-handling, ultra-compliant suspension, and powerful disc brakes are the order of the day. For more than 30 years, the JetStar and DeltaJet trikes from Apollo have proved their worth in this challenging environment: in fact, it's the current World and European Champion trike. We selected their latest trike, the DeltaJet 2, as the basis for the DeltaJet 500.

More than 2 years of extensive load testing, meticulous re-engineering, and exhaustive flight testing later, the result is a new trike that not only meets the stringent requirements of Section S, but also permits the higher MTOW of 499kg. The new DeltaJet 500 boasts:

  • Double-sleeved aluminium tube construction for every element of the main chassis with triple-sleeved tube for key structural points
  • Aerodynamically-enclosed single aluminium spar rear undercarriage, uprated by 50%
  • Uprated composite seat tested to over 120kg for front and rear pilots
  • Coil-spring suspension on the nosewheel
  • Optional hydraulic disc brakes for all three wheels (standard on the front wheel)
  • Adjustable foot pedal positions
  • All-terrain 42cm dia. wheels
  • Solid aluminium hang-point machined from billet
  • 248kg payload


DeltaJet 500 StingRay in flightAbout Apollo Ultralight

Apollo has a long and successful history being established in 1980 in Eger, Hungary. The company is still based in Eger in a 2,500 m2 facility housing both the factory and administration. In addition, it has its own airfield just 1km outside the city where test flights of the production aircraft are held.

1980 isn't quite the beginning of the story as Zoltán Molnár, the president and owner of Apollo, built his first non-powered hang glider in 1976. The first powered hang glider quickly followed the establishment of the company in 1981, power coming from a 20 Hp 'P 21' engine. The first 2-seater trike was bult and flown in 1983, the first of the 'Jet' family that led on to the DeltaJet and DeltaJet 2 more than 1,000 trikes later.

As well as flexwings, Apollo also designed the Apollo Fox two-seater, 3-axis aircraft in 1998. This 450kg microlight is still in production and the holder of a 2003 world record when it was flown 25,000km from Sármellék in Hungary to Sydney, Australia, without a support team.

Beginning in 2012, Apollo added gyroplanes to its portfolio and a type AG1 was flown to the Gold Medal in the 2016 World World Championship organised by Rob and John at Popham. The Apollo DeltaJet also took first place in the two-seat flexwing class.