Pilot's Medical

Put simply, if you are fit enough to drive a car you are fit enough to fly.

If there is nothing in your medical history that would stop you reaching the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) Group 1 Ordinary Driving Licence, and are not taking medication for any psychiatric illness, you can obtain an unrestricted National Private Pilot Licence (NPPL). You simply need to complete an online declaration, which is valid until the age of 70.

Completing the Pilot Medical Declaration

The Pilot Medical Declaration is a free service and the form can only be completed and submitted online. The Pilot Medical Declaration is available here.

Declaration validity

If you have reason to believe you no longer meet the DVLA Group 1 ODL standard, or suffer from any of the specified medical conditions, you must withdraw the declaration by ticking the appropriate box and re-submitting the form.

For minor and self-limiting conditions (for example colds, day-case procedures, minor musculoskeletal injuries, etc.) withdrawal of your declaration is not required. You should, however, not fly until you have fully recovered.

After initially making the declaration it is valid (unless it is withdrawn for one of the reasons listed above) until the age of 70. After the age of 70, a new declaration must be submitted every three years.

Your licence is invalid without a current medical declaration. It is your responsibility to renew the declaration if it has expired and to inform the CAA of any changes in your medical status.

Full information and forms are available from the CAA website