How long will it take and what's involved?

Flight training at Exodus Airsports follows the BMAA (British Microlight Aircraft Association) syllabus and is approved by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

The minimum requirement for the NPPL (M) licence is 25 hours total flying time, to include 10 hours of solo flight and two qualifying cross country flights of at least 40 nautical miles.

There are also multiple choice exams in:

  • Principles of flight
  • Air Law
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Human Factors

Most of the knowledge is covered in the pre- and post-flight briefings and during the lessons. The rest is covered in Ground School.

The Restricted Licence

You can also qualify for a Restricted Licence. This requires just 15hrs total flying, of which 7 hours should be solo, and does not require the navigation elements to be completed.The full complement of written exams must be passed.

This licence restricts you to local area flying only, but can be a useful way of getting airborne for those with a limited budget or time.

Further infromation on the costs involved may be found on our special Flight Training Costs page, which is always kept up-to-date.