Ground School

Like almost any vehicle licence, microlight flight training involves written exams. Most students find that all the papers are relatively straightforward and are of a multiple choice format.

The standard textbook to help you prepare is The Microlight Pilot's Handbook by Brian Cosgrove. It comprehensively covers the five main topics:

  • air law
  • principles of flight
  • navigation
  • weather
  • human performance and limitations

Students are strongly encouraged to read The Microlight Pilot's Handbook, which may be purchasd through Exodus, and to then consolidate their knowledge through other reading and ground school sessions to prepare fully for each of the exams. Many students find the 'Air Pilot's Manual' series very helpful and, again, these may be purchased through Exodus.

All students must have passed their Air Law exam before being sent solo and their Navigation and Weather papers before their first solo cross-country navigation exercise.