Learn to Fly

Learning to fly is one of the most exhilarating experiences that you can have. Here at Exodus, we are committed to making the whole experience as enjoyable as possible and most of the information in this section is aimed at those new to flying.

However, if you are already an aviator and wish to improve your flying skills, please talk to us for more information on our bespoke Advanced Flying Skills training.

Exodus is one of the few microlight schools in the UK that is able to offer Instructor Courses. Should you wish to become a microlight instructor, please check out our page for more information and contact Rob.

Want to get started?

For more information, just click on the section headers below or use the drop-down menu. First, you may wish to check out our experienced instructors!

How long will it take and what's involved

Flight Training Costs

The Syllabus

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Pilot's Medical

Radio Licence

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