Our Aircraft

What are Microlights ?

Microlights are single- or dual-seat airplanes with a maximum take-off weight of 450Kg. Despite their low weight, modern microlight aircraft are incredibly strong and have become the most affordable and safest form of motorised flight in the UK.

There are two types of Microlight – flex wings and fixed wings. Exodus offers lessons on both.

Flex Wing

P&M GT450 912SFlex wings, or weight-shifts, originated from NASA's manned space flight programme when they looked at ways of returning the first space shuttles safely to earth! NASA research scientist, Francis Rogallo, designed a collapsible delta wing which would deploy from within the hull of the shuttle after re-entry. NASA did not take this path but aviation enthusiasts recognised the wing's potential for leisure flying and the sport of hang gliding was born

Modern flex wings consist of a fibreglass clad tricicycle suspended below a Rogallo wing and the basic principle is to move the wing in the airflow to manoeuvre the aircraft in the air. You will be open to the elements in this type of aircraft - some even refer to them as airborne motorcycles. Both pilot and passenger wear helmets and headsets and an insulated flying suit is required on all but the warmest of summer days!

Our flex wing lessons are conducted on a P&M GT450 equipped with the 100bhp Rotax 912S engine. Winner of the World, European and UK Championships, it offers an exhilerating blend of performance, reliability and economy while boasting an excellent safety record.

Evektor EV97 EurostarFixed Wing

Fixed wings, or 3-axis aircraft, are more like light aircraft. Through the stick and rudder pedals in the cockpit, control is achieved through surfaces on the wings and tail-plane that move in the airflow to manoeuvre the aircraft in the air. No helmet is required as the pilot sits underneath a canopy and flying suits aren’t needed.

Exodus has two brand new Eurostar EV97 aircraft, a high performance fixed wing Microlight with an 80 horsepower version of the Rotax 912 engine. The all-aluminium airframe gives excellent handling qualities, high performance with a maximum speed of 130mph and a truly luxurious flight experience.